14 Oct

Jeni Stepanek Is Carrying The Legacy of Peace

Jeni Stepanek Interview Opening

Years ago, I learned about poet and peace activist, Mattie Stepanek, from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Like many Americans, I was deeply moved by the courage and vision of this 11 year old boy who wrote poetry about Global Peace. Mattie spent most of his life in a wheel chair, suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy. It was during this show that I also learned about the courage of his mother, Jeni Stepanek, who had lost three children in infancy or early childhood before Mattie. In Mattie’s life he worked with Maya Angelou, President Jimmy Carter, Oprah Winfrey and many, many other people in carrying his message of peace to the world. Mattie died in 2004, but his legacy continues through Jeni.

In this interview with his mother Jeni, who also suffers from the same condition as her children, I saw a women of great intelligence, vision and drive – a women who knows that her role is to carry the legacy of Mattie forward. Jeni has partnered with the We Are Family Foundation to create Three Dot Dash and the annual Just Peace Summit for global youth. For that reason, she is truly a women saving the world. Please visit Mattie’s website to learn more about the book and Jeni’s work.

I hope you enjoy these videos below and I look forward to hearing your comments. Thank you!

VIDEO 1: Jeni’s Life & Mattie’s Calling

VIDEO 2: Mattie’s work with former President Jimmy Carter

VIDEO 3: Mattie’s Calling and “Heartsongs”

VIDEO 4: The Message of Hope: Rescue, Recover, Rebuild & “For The World Poem”

VIDEO 5: Mattie’s Legacy and Jeni’s Calling & Life Work

VIDEO 6: Jeni Speaks about a Three Dot Dash Teen from The Just Peace Summit; Mosa Al Mosawy, 16, Jordan

28 Sep

The Heart to Lead: A Discussion With The Filmmakers

Several weeks ago, my friend Pete Krull emailed me to tell me about a group of women he had met in Arizona at a Jack Canfield (author and founder of the Chicken Soup for The Soul Book franchise and an inspirational speaker) hosted event. Pete had just seen the documentary The Heart To Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good. Within a day, I was emailing back and forth with two of the filmmakers behind this remarkable work, Bonnie Kelley and Inga Canfield (Jack’s wife).

Cheryl Ingram Gould, Inga Canfield, Bonnie Kelley - The Filmmakers

Bonnie sent me a copy of the film which I watched the moment I arrived back at my home from my travels. This powerful film addresses so many of the topics we have been discussing on Women Are Saving The World Now. Bonnie, Inga and I arranged a call and we were joined by the film’s producer Cheryl Ingram Gould. The following audio clips were taken from our conversation. I found as much joy in our discussion as I did in watching the film which demonstrates the increasing growth of women, stepping into their own power and finding a calling in the world today – a time when global healing needs the feminine more than ever. I hope you enjoy the conversations and will let me know in the comments box below.

PLEASE take the time to visit the website and see this film – which premiered at the 2010 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference. You can view there trailer here.

Audio 1: An introduction to Bonnie, Inga and Cheryl

Audio 2: Bonnie Speaks on The Collective & Inga Speaks on a Woman’s Unique Gifts

Audio 3: How A Women Must Act on Her Vision When She is Called (Bonnie & Inga):

Audio 4: Leading & Guiding from Intuition (Inga, Cheryl, & Bonnie)

Audio 5: The Feminine Skills Needed in The World Today (Bonnie, Inga & Cheryl)

Audio 6: A Theme from the Film: A Woman’s Balance & Healing (Inga & Bonnie)

Audio 7: Bonnie Asks Lewis “What Drew You To This Topic?”

Audio 8: The Heart To Lead As a Calling (Cheryl)

28 Aug

Hital Muraj – a Woman Inspired to Create Better Lives for Youth in Kenya

At a recent event I attended in Atlanta, Usher Raymond & his New Look Foundation was honoring President Bill Clinton for his work with global youth through the Clinton Foundation, and Ciara, Usher & Justin Bieber performed. The night was star studded but the message was strong and clear – that Usher’s New Look Foundation was truly changing the lives of young men and women globally – by creating leadership programs for many youth who otherwise may not have an opportunity to grow in their communities. It was however, one woman from Kenya, who took the stage and exemplified what is means to be a change agent on this planet today. Hital Muraj is a a true leader for advancing youth in Kenya. In her role as a Manager at Cisco East Africa, Hital Muraj is responsible for Cisco’s Education Initiative and Corporate Social Responsibility and Development across the East African region and North Africa.  Hital is also responsible for Cisco’s CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) commitment in Africa where she is working with non-profit organizations such as Inveneo, and Aga Khan Foundation on using the power of ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) to address basic human needs such as access to health care, education etc for sustainable development. However, her commitment to the advancement of women goes far beyond her corporate role. It is a personal calling.

I was honored when Hital agreed to speak with me via Cisco technology the following week (from Atlanta to Nairobi). As the interview details, she first began working with young men and women in the slums of Nairobi. I learned from Hital that the largest slum in Africa, with well over 1 million people living in a 20 sq. km area, is called Kibera. Beyond the job training she helps provide to these youth for Cisco corporation, she has expanded her role beyond her corporate expectations and into her own personal calling. This is a woman with a mission to create and effect change in the lives of as many young people in Kenya as possible. Considering that over 70% of the country’s population are under the age of 35, it is critical that this community be advanced if there is to be a positive future. Hital understands that it is her mentorship with women, in particular, that will have the biggest impact in changing the face of the country. In our conversation, Hital shares with me the unique challenges in working with women (and men) in Kenya and how she hopes to live a life like Mother Theresa. During her description of the woman as a lioness, I had a very profound realization that perhaps the human race is the only species on earth that has learned to suppress the feminine. I would be curious to hear feedback on that topic after you all listen to the video on The Lioness. Thank you Hital for your strength and directed purpose.





10 Aug

Rob Kramer of PopRule and Global Water Trust Speaks on the Global Role of Women

When I think of women saving the world, I also think of the sons, brothers and fathers who love and support these women in their courageous journey. And there is a unique courage it takes for a man to stand up in support of women globally.

I think about the years of struggle women globally have faced in order to achieve basic human rights. And I think of how there is a remarkable global shift today which is allowing women to lead in a very new and impactful way. Part of that shift is happening with us men.

In my opinion, there is a new type of man on the planet today who not only honors and values women, but also works in the way that women naturally operate – with compassion and non-reactiveness.

Rob Kramer is such a man. I met Rob earlier this summer at an event in Los Angeles for Global Green USA. A fascinating man in his own right, Rob is the co-founder of PopRule (a technology company that builds applications and platforms to drive social and political action for consumer, political and non-profit brands) and Global Water Trust (water projects that have supplied clean safe water to over 10,000 people around the world). Rob has been raised by and worked side by side with strong women throughout his life. In his life work, he has developed and cultivated a perspective on women in leadership that is inspiring to me.

A conversation between us following that first meeting demonstrated to me that Rob has much to say on the conversation of women saving the world. Speaking to Rob, I did not feel as if this is new knowledge for him, but a “knowing.” That “knowing” resonates with me as I believe our truth is a knowing and it is our duty to speak that truth. Thank you Rob for doing so in these following videos. I encourage more men to speak with us on this issue.

VIDEO 1 – Rob Kramer – The Unique Qualities of Women

VIDEO 2 – Rob Kramer – Women As The Collective

VIDEO 3 – Rob Kramer – On Compassion & Non-Reactiveness

VIDEO 4 – Rob Kramer – How Men Best Support Women

VIDEO 5 – Rob Kramer – On Embracing Fear As Both Men & Women

22 Jul

Robyn O’Brien: Following A Calling to Help Our Children

If I was to describe Robyn O’Brien in one word, it would be passionate. Passionate for her calling, her family and the health of our Nation’s children. I have known this woman for over twenty years as we were classmates and friends at Washington & Lee University. But is was two years ago when we reconnected over a common mission of sustainability. We were both speaking at a corporate engagement on the topic – my part was on “green” business and Robyn’s was on the health of our food. My eyes were opened on this subject I knew very little about – Toxic Chemicals in our food.

It was Robyn’s work that set me forth in my education on our food system in the United States and from here that I learned of the many chemicals in our foods which are banned in other parts of the world but common place in groceries stores here in the USA. And from Robyn I learned of the introduction of chemicals and synthetic toxins into our food supply twenty years ago. Since that time, there has been a dramatic increase in the rates of allergies, asthma, autism and ADHD. She has inspired me and hopefully millions of other Americans.

A year ago her book The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food is Making Us Sick and What You Can Do About It hit the book stores and set Robyn forward on a national tour, engaging women across the country to change the way they shop and cook food and ultimately feed their children. This calling and passion came from one incident – a food allergy in her child. Since then she has realized that all of her children were effected by the toxins in our food. Her diligent research and teachings quickly began which lead to the creation of Allergykids.com and her book.

Today Robyn has created the Allergykids Foundation which seeks “to inspire change in the health of children by protecting them from chemicals recently added to the US food supply – chemicals not found in children’s foods around the world.”

When I launched this site, it was women such a Robyn whom I had in mind. She has inspired me to hold tightly to my own truth. To never be afraid to step into a calling or purpose. And to remember to use grace, humor, love and joy in my work. I am honored to speak to Robyn for you and know that she is a Woman Saving The World.

Robyn O’Brien on Activism

Robyn O’Brien on Leadership

Robyn O’Brien on Faith

11 Jul

Tom Blue Wolf Speaks on Women Saving The World

Several months ago, while working on Vista Caballo ranch (watch my earlier interview with Lisa Dee), I met with a member of the First Nations people. Through our discussion of the environment and the many toxins which have entered our systems – I was encouraged to find a sweat lodge ceremony in order to purify myself of the toxins (which are in all of our systems).

In my quest of a lodge in Georgia, I was introduced to Tom Blue Wolf by my friend Laura Seydel, another amazing woman making significant contributions to the health and wellness of our planet. It was through Laura that I had the privilege of meeting with Tom, a member of the Muscogee Nation, and visited his home in North Georgia. Since that first meeting, I have participated in several ceremonies and have come to know Tom, and his wife Sonya, and their important work.

I was drawn to Tom’s wisdom and the idea to ask for this interview through my work in sustainability and social consciousness. What I find so inspiring about Tom’s words are that they remind me of what we already know – that our planet Earth is Mother and she is our only home. She provides us with life and all of the resources we need to live and prosper. And when we remember this, we will never consider polluting our mother’s rivers, mountains or air. We will stop robbing her all of the natural, yet non-renewable, resources for our own human needs without regard for the rest of life on this planet.

In our conversation, Tom reminds us that all humans maintain a spectrum of qualities and skills which make up the human experience – both male and female. We should not limit our experience of living and leading to the characteristics which are presumed to belong to our given gender, but rather fully express ourselves the way God or Spirit created us by balancing both the male and female in us all.

Women are the keeper of wisdom and truth. If you want to know the “real story,” Tom says, you ask the women. This statement reminds me of Biomimicry, the study of natural behaviors for use in modern technologies or innovations. If we look to Nature, she will provide us with the answers and thus the truth. And if these truths were indeed incorporated into leadership today, I believe our organizations and corporations would find it to be world-changing. You can visit Tom’s website and learn more about his work – EarthKeepers.Net.

VIDEO 1: Tom Blue Wolf On Women Saving The World

VIDEO 2: Tom Blue Wolf on What We Can Remember From Women

VIDEO 3: Tom Blue Wolf On The Inherent Knowing of Children

VIDEO 4: Tom Blue Wolf On Saving The World and Each Other

22 May

Diane Meyer Simon & Mary Luevano of Global Green USA

In April of 2008, I was in New Orleans for the 10th Anniversary V-Day Event, celebrating Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and the subsequent global initiatives which have been created as a result of her work. During one of the panel discussions, Matt Petersen, Executive Director of Global Green USA, and Pat Mitchell, current President and Chief Executive Officer of The Paley Center for Media, were discussing the rebuilding of the Lower 9th Ward. At that time, I was tasked with finding important green building projects for Mohawk Industries (the flooring company) to engage in. To me, using this role to help create change for people in a devastated region of our country and to advance the green building movement was paramount. So, I formed a relationship with Matt and his team. In the process of that friendship, I have gotten to know Diane Meyer Simon, the woman whom Mikhail Gorbachev asked to help him establish a Green Cross International chapter in the United States. That chapter is Global Green USA. Diane is one of the most beautiful people I have come to know in recent times. To me, her understanding of this life and the work we are all here to do is deeply profound.

As soon as I launched this site, I asked Diane if she would honor me (and you all, as the followers of this website) with an interview. She graciously agreed and asked that we have Mary Luevano join the call. I am so glad she did. Mary is another woman saving the world through her role with Global Green as the Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs. She adds so much to the conversation through her experience, insight and heart.

I love this conversation with both women as it reminds me of the grace and humble nature of women as they create big change in the world. Our conversation bridged from HH The Dalai Lama to women and men in politics and also the role of women in New Orleans. I was particularly struck by the two qualities Mary and Diane identified as significant skills of women – listening and intuition.

Thank you both for putting this interview together with me.

NOTE: I found the real Ted Turner quote which I misquote in video 4. On 19 September 2006, Turner said in a Reuters Newsmaker conference: “Men should be barred from public office for 100 years in every part of the world… The men have had millions of years where we’ve been running things. We’ve screwed it up hopelessly. Let’s give it to the women.”

VIDEO 1 – On HH The Dalai Lama’s Quote

VIDEO 2 – On Listening & Intuition

VIDEO 3 – The Calling to the Environment

VIDEO 4 – Global Green USA & New Orleans

VIDEO 5 – On What Men Can Be Doing

THANK YOU DIANE & MARY for this extraordinary hour via skype.


18 May

Seane Corn: Off The Mat Into The World

Last week, I had the honor to speak with yoga practitioner, teacher and activist, Seane Corn, about her work with Off The Mat Into The World. Seane is quite well known in the yoga community, but for those of you have have not heard her story, this is a woman who found that her very gift to the world was her gift of teaching yoga. By creating OTM, Seane and the many women who joined her in this work, found that yoga practice could be used globally to inspire consciousness and empower women through leadership training, community collaboration and service projects.

The Facebook group has well over 5000 followers and I know thousands beyond that who globally support and participate in her mission. When I first learned about Seane Corn and OTM from yoga instructor and dear friend Stephanie Spence (One With Life), I knew this women was someone I needed to meet. So last month, when Lori Bregman (Rooted for Life) suggest I interview Seane, I was immediately on board.

In my view, we are all called to explore the very essence of our human nature in order to find the unique talents the planet needs from us today. If we were each to explore that root passion, that core talent, inner truth that each and every human has given, then we will find the very medicine we carry to solve the world’s social and environmental issues. Seane has done just that. As you will see in these videos, she is on the most passionate and heart centered people I have met.


You will notice that my skype recording abilities are not always the best. In some of the videos the frame is off center, but Seane’s voice and purpose is loud and clear. I hope you enjoy these four videos. I LOVE what she says about intuition in video 4.

If you know anyone who has participated in an OTM program, please comment. I would love to learn more about the many women engaged in this program.

VIDEO 1: Seane Corn on Women Saving The World

VIDEO 2: Giving Back Through Yoga

VIDEO 3: The Impact of The Work & Her Hope For Men

VIDEO 4: On Intuition

THANK YOU SEANE! You and your work inspires me.

29 Apr

HH The Dalai Lama on The Importance of Women in Promoting Peace Through Dialogue

Today, Jamie Williams sent me this video post from Facebook. It fits perfectly with the inspiration of this website and so I thank her for sending me this video of His Holiness The Dalai Lama speaking on The Importance of Women in Promoting Peace Through Dialogue at the Lion’s Club of Dharamsala, April 29, 2010.

29 Apr

American Cowgirl

Over the past several months, I have had the benefit of working with and knowing Jamie Williams, a talented photographer and filmmaker. Jamie is in the process of creating the American Cowgirl documentary. I look forward to sharing more with you about Jamie and her vision to record our cowgirls as they remind us of the importance of and a return to a more mindful way of living. A way of living from which we can draw significant parallels to our lives today as we begin to resolve social and environmental issues that affect our home, community and planet.

When I think of Jamie, I think of a woman saving the world by introducing a new generation of women and men to the more mindful and sustainable ways of our fore-bearers. I am filled with joy and gratitude for her work. Jamie, thank you for your dedication to making this film.


Today, Jamie sent me the video in the next post from Facebook. It fits perfectly with the inspiration of this website and so I thank her for sending me this video today of His Holiness The Dalai Lama speaking on The Importance of Women in Promoting Peace Through Dialogue at the Lion’s Club of Dharamsala, April 29, 2010.

Again thank you, Jamie Williams.

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