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I created this site on Sunday, March 14, 2010 in response to a quote from His Holiness The Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009. That quote is:

“The world will be saved by western women.”

As I heard the quote I began to think of the countless women I have met in my life and work who are dedicated to creating solutions for the betterment of mankind and the planet. And these women are not only from the West, but I see collaborations developing and growing between Western women and the rest of the world.

The purpose of this website is to document a conversation about women who are literally working to save the world. These heroine actions can be both big and small and many will take place in our own backyards.

This site includes interviews conducted by me – some video and some podcast. Anyone who feels compelled to highlight stories and interviews with women in their lives who are making significant impact for change is invited to contact me. I encourage both women and men to be a part of this dialogue and ongoing documentation because this conversation is important to us all.
Many thanks for visiting the site. There will be weekly updates to the site as I learn more on this topic. If anyone wants to help me by donating their website development skills, feel free to contact me at lewis@wswnow.com.

With love and peace,

Lewis Perkins

  • Robbi

    Dear Lewis, what a beautiful idea...I love that you are honoring the world with the gift of this site...xooxox RobbiFirestone.com

  • Thank you Robbi....

  • Susan Hess Logeais

    I very much support your perspective and am working to educate the public on the power of media imagery to shape our beliefs and behaviors, specifically as it relates to the overtly sexual and stereotypical portrayals of women. I would like to point however that the ads for meeting women on your site undermine your credibility.

  • Hi Susan... thank you so much for taking the time to email me. I had not seen the ads to meet women that Google must have floated through. I think I will take down google adsense and the money generated to support the site is pennies and not worth any misguided advertising. MANY MANY thanks for pointing that out. Lewis

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