Lisa Dee, Vista Caballo, Speaks on Women and Leadership

23 Mar 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

I have unique benefit of knowing this woman who has had a significant impact on my life and has directed my journey toward creating this WSWNow Project – without even knowing it. Lisa established Vista Caballo as “a learning center for the leaders who want to access their next level of vitality and creation and the expansion of their capacity for life.” Yes, that is a direct quote. The work she does goes beyond words – but it is transformative. In my mind, Lisa is preparing and training our future leaders of conscious capitalism and social restoration. I have personally been to the ranch and worked with Lisa. I will be back in June with a group. I have also sent many of the dearest men and women in my life to her. It is the women who are going without reservation because I believe they truly understand the nature of intuition. This work will undoubtedly change and save the world. Oh yeah… and she is joined in this video by our new friends Luke and Luna.

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