Carly Wertheim – Teens Turning Green

22 Mar 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

Last June at the LOHAS Forum in Boulder, CO, I had the benefit of hearing one of the most inspiring young women talk about a campaign she co-created to educate teenagers about “going green” called TEENS TURNING GREEN. In the process, the LIPS AGAINST LEAD campaign was launched to educated young women about the potentially toxic materials going into their cosmetics. Last Friday, Carly and I grabbed a few minutes via Skype to discuss her work in the environmental movement for a book project I am working on. We talked about the power of women to change households and communities. With Carly’s permission, I am uploading part of that talk. As always, I welcome your comments. AND, for more info on safe cosmetics, check out the SKIN DEEP DATABASE from the Environmental Working Group.

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