Sreeratna Kancherla, IDEX Fellowship

4 Apr 2011 by Lewis, View Comments

I am so happy to introduce you all to Sreeratna Kancherla and the work of IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise where she serves as Director. Sree and I met through friends at The Hub Atlanta and the Enterprising Schools Program at Gray Matters Capital. IDEX, a combination of Ideate and Execute, is a program which fits perfectly within the enterprising & affordable private schools model in India – educating young women and men who would not otherwise have the same level of education. The mission of IDEX is to recruit and place fellows from the USA who have recently graduated from college, to work in India, assisting the social entrepreneurs who are creating these schools with the many skills they may need in order to be successful. While today the program works in India, the plan is to grow this APS model and thus the IDEX fellowship program beyond the current scope to a global reach. In the interview, conducted in early February at HUB-Atlanta, Sree and I discussed how the program works and some of the major issues that contribute to it’s success. I look forward to hearing your feedback about the program.

VIDEO 1 – Sreeratna Discusses How the IDEX Fellowship Works

VIDEO 2 – The Involvement of Corporate Support like Nike Foundation

VIDEO 3 – Sreeratna and I Discuss Larger Systemic Issues like Micro-finance


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