Darcy Winslow – From Nike to the World

28 Feb 2011 by Lewis, View Comments

Last Fall, I had the benefit of speaking with Darcy Winslow, the former head of Nike’s Global Women Brand and also Sustainability – a career than spanned 20 plus years and led the corporation into very important work as it relates to women and girls. Darcy was introduced to me by World Pulse founder, Jensine Larson, as a women who is helping to save the world. When I think of the magnitude of a corporation such as Nike, I think of the tremendous global footprint, both socially and environmentally. I also think of the great influence of such a brand on the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Athletics has been a major component of building community, creating partnership, overcoming obstacles and empowering girls. Yes, it is true. As Darcy points out in our conversations, Nike has stepped up to be a major supporter of the empowerment and education of women and girls across the globe.

There was so much terrific content from our conversation that I did very little editing to the videos. [I apologize to Darcy and everyone ahead of time for the cropping of the video. Sometimes iMovie wants to shorted the view of the speaker's face. It happened here too.]

Regardless of the video image, the voice is strong and clear as Darcy presents her deep understanding and commitment to women, humanity and our planet. I am honored to present this conversation. It dovetails nicely with the last interview with Peter Buffett on NoVo Foundation, Nike Foundation and Girl Effect. To learn more about Darcy’s work today, click on her website.

DARCY WINSLOW Interview with Lewis Perkins, WSWNow.

VIDEO 1: On Nike and Sustainability

VIDEO 2: On Women in Leadership

VIDEO 3: On Corporate Consciousness

VIDEO 4: On The Nike Foundation

VIDEO 5: More On Women Leading

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