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27 Jan 2011 by Lewis, View Comments

Today I was pleased to speak with musician and philanthropist, Peter Buffett, about the work he and his wife Jennifer are doing to change the lives of girls and women on this planet through the NoVo Foundation. I connected to Peter via the Atlanta Girls School as he will be performing in Atlanta this Sunday (January 30) at Symphony Hall. Here is the link to that event for those of you in the Atlanta area.

Jennifer & Peter Buffett in Africa

As I mentioned in the interview, The Girl Effect, funded by Nike Foundation and had a big impact on me as I was launching this site a year ago. I wanted to reach the many men and women doing this work to educate and support the lives of women globally. I admire Peter and Jennifer greatly for their work and support. I would have loved to have Jennifer on the call yesterday as well, but she was traveling with Nike to see the work being done in the field.

In our conversation, Peter and I discuss everything from the role of men in this work to how everyone, regardless of social or financial status, can be involved.

I hope to continue sharing more stories of their work and global support to women’s project in the future.

The next interview I will be posting is with Darcy Winslow, who has spearheaded Global Women’s Brand and Sustainability for Nike and has served on the Foundation board as well. That conversation is a great follow up to my talk with Peter.

AUDIO 1 – Discussion with Peter Buffett – The role of supporting Women

AUDIO 2 – Discussion with Peter Buffett – Men as a part of this work

AUDIO 3 – Discussion with Peter Buffett – His Work as a Musician & Philanthropist

Again for tickets to Peter’s concert on Sunday (1/30/11 at 3pm), click here.

  • Elizabeth Crook

    Lewis, thanks for doing the interview with Peter. I have for many years said, when you help a woman, you help a family, a community, and country and indeed the world.

    It's great to have a chance to "meet Peter" this way since he and I will both be doing sessions at an event in SF the end of March.

  • Tabby Biddle

    Thank you Lewis and Peter for the work you are doing! Lewis, I love how you are taking the lead in awakening men to their "feminine" qualities -- and bringing men into this work to help bring balance back into our world. Peter, you have so much wisdom to impart. Thank you. I really like what you said about how when you empower both genders, it really shifts everything. Yes!
    I am grateful to both of you for speaking out as you are about empowering the feminine. -- Tabby Biddle

  • Thank you Tabby. We are grateful to you and your work as well.

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