Jacqueline Novogratz has Changed The Way We View Global Investment

3 Nov 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

If you ever had a dream you wanted to follow, or a feeling that you were meant to do something amazing in this world, you will identify with Jacqueline Novogratz’s story. Many year ago she found herself called to make a bigger impact on the planet by changing the way we invest globally in emerging markets. This ultimately led her to the creation of The Acumen Fund in 2001 to address growth in markets where strategic investment, coupled with smart & conscious business, could serve to grow new businesses. These investments would service companies whose goal is to solve social and environmental issues – like health, water, housing and energy. Her work has impacted millions through a new form of global philanthropic investing called “patient capital.”

Jacqueline, Lewis & Erin.

Her story is told in her book The Blue Sweater. The title comes from a amazing occurrence in Jacqueline’s life when she spotted a sweater on a young boy in Africa which she had donated to charity as a teenager back in the USA. She knew it was the same sweater when she turned the collar over and saw her name stitched inside the label. It was one of many signs she would receive that her work in Africa was the beginning of her calling.

Today, a growing community of supporters from over 110 different countries are part of the Acumen Network – thought leaders, corporate professionals, social and investors – all dedicated to learning about and tackling issues of global poverty.

This interview was conducted by Erin Levin, WSWnow friend. Her own work in Africa and producing and filming the lives of people effected by all levels of crisis makes her the perfect interviewer for WSWnow. It was an honor to spend this time with Jacqueline as she was in Atlanta and we look forward to sharing this interview with our audience.

VIDEO 1: Jacqueline speaks on the HH Dalai Lama quote and expands it to her understanding of the feminine qualities needed today in “saving” the world

VIDEO 2: The courage Jacqueline found to leave her job and create the Acumen and follow the “job of a lifetime.”

VIDEO 3: Why she wrote The Blue Sweater and one important piece advice for women everywhere.

VIDEO 4: The difference between “patient capital” and other forms of philanthropic investing, sich as micro-lending. Jacqueline also explains why women tend to be the majority recipients of micro-loans.

VIDEO 5: The role of women in global leadership and how the Acumen Fund works.

VIDEO 6: Erin asks one last question on behalf of her mother: What role does education play?

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  • Stephanie Spence

    Amazing interview! Thank you so much for all that you are doing to inspire and empower ALL people. Erin did a great job! Keep up the good work Lewis.

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