Haley Kilpatrick of Girl Talk, by Erin Levin

20 Oct 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

Several months ago I met Erin Levin, a bright enthusiastic women who is changing the world through her own passion, influence in her work with CNN and recent travels to Africa. Stay tuned on Erin because I image we will be featuring her work before long, as well.

Today, Erin has interviewed Haley Kilpatrick a close friend who inspires her daily through the work of Girl Talk, a non profit organization Kilpatrick founded nearly 10 years ago to address the difficulties of being a young teen woman. In the following interviews, Erin asks Haley everything to how she founded to the organization to what inspires her to get up in the morning. I love this interview as it is the first one where an other person is interviewing her “woman saving the world.” There is not doubt Haley is just that. Thank you Erin and Haley both for contributing to this project.

Video 1: The Mission of Girl Talk

Video 2: Is Girl Talk Really Free?

Video 3: Who and What Inspires Haley? And What’s Next and How to Get Involved

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