The Heart to Lead: A Discussion With The Filmmakers

28 Sep 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

Several weeks ago, my friend Pete Krull emailed me to tell me about a group of women he had met in Arizona at a Jack Canfield (author and founder of the Chicken Soup for The Soul Book franchise and an inspirational speaker) hosted event. Pete had just seen the documentary The Heart To Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good. Within a day, I was emailing back and forth with two of the filmmakers behind this remarkable work, Bonnie Kelley and Inga Canfield (Jack’s wife).

Cheryl Ingram Gould, Inga Canfield, Bonnie Kelley - The Filmmakers

Bonnie sent me a copy of the film which I watched the moment I arrived back at my home from my travels. This powerful film addresses so many of the topics we have been discussing on Women Are Saving The World Now. Bonnie, Inga and I arranged a call and we were joined by the film’s producer Cheryl Ingram Gould. The following audio clips were taken from our conversation. I found as much joy in our discussion as I did in watching the film which demonstrates the increasing growth of women, stepping into their own power and finding a calling in the world today – a time when global healing needs the feminine more than ever. I hope you enjoy the conversations and will let me know in the comments box below.

PLEASE take the time to visit the website and see this film – which premiered at the 2010 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference. You can view there trailer here.

Audio 1: An introduction to Bonnie, Inga and Cheryl

Audio 2: Bonnie Speaks on The Collective & Inga Speaks on a Woman’s Unique Gifts

Audio 3: How A Women Must Act on Her Vision When She is Called (Bonnie & Inga):

Audio 4: Leading & Guiding from Intuition (Inga, Cheryl, & Bonnie)

Audio 5: The Feminine Skills Needed in The World Today (Bonnie, Inga & Cheryl)

Audio 6: A Theme from the Film: A Woman’s Balance & Healing (Inga & Bonnie)

Audio 7: Bonnie Asks Lewis “What Drew You To This Topic?”

Audio 8: The Heart To Lead As a Calling (Cheryl)

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