Rob Kramer of PopRule and Global Water Trust Speaks on the Global Role of Women

10 Aug 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

When I think of women saving the world, I also think of the sons, brothers and fathers who love and support these women in their courageous journey. And there is a unique courage it takes for a man to stand up in support of women globally.

I think about the years of struggle women globally have faced in order to achieve basic human rights. And I think of how there is a remarkable global shift today which is allowing women to lead in a very new and impactful way. Part of that shift is happening with us men.

In my opinion, there is a new type of man on the planet today who not only honors and values women, but also works in the way that women naturally operate – with compassion and non-reactiveness.

Rob Kramer is such a man. I met Rob earlier this summer at an event in Los Angeles for Global Green USA. A fascinating man in his own right, Rob is the co-founder of PopRule (a technology company that builds applications and platforms to drive social and political action for consumer, political and non-profit brands) and Global Water Trust (water projects that have supplied clean safe water to over 10,000 people around the world). Rob has been raised by and worked side by side with strong women throughout his life. In his life work, he has developed and cultivated a perspective on women in leadership that is inspiring to me.

A conversation between us following that first meeting demonstrated to me that Rob has much to say on the conversation of women saving the world. Speaking to Rob, I did not feel as if this is new knowledge for him, but a “knowing.” That “knowing” resonates with me as I believe our truth is a knowing and it is our duty to speak that truth. Thank you Rob for doing so in these following videos. I encourage more men to speak with us on this issue.

VIDEO 1 – Rob Kramer – The Unique Qualities of Women

VIDEO 2 – Rob Kramer – Women As The Collective

VIDEO 3 – Rob Kramer – On Compassion & Non-Reactiveness

VIDEO 4 – Rob Kramer – How Men Best Support Women

VIDEO 5 – Rob Kramer – On Embracing Fear As Both Men & Women


  • Dms

    Absolutely a beautiful interview. The perception and understanding spoken here is testimony to enlightened maleness and is a tribute to both Rob and Lewis. Thank you for posting this interview.

  • Diane, we need to gather the tribe of men who think, feel and express these beliefs, knowings and truths - don't you think? Lewis

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