Tom Blue Wolf Speaks on Women Saving The World

11 Jul 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

Several months ago, while working on Vista Caballo ranch (watch my earlier interview with Lisa Dee), I met with a member of the First Nations people. Through our discussion of the environment and the many toxins which have entered our systems – I was encouraged to find a sweat lodge ceremony in order to purify myself of the toxins (which are in all of our systems).

In my quest of a lodge in Georgia, I was introduced to Tom Blue Wolf by my friend Laura Seydel, another amazing woman making significant contributions to the health and wellness of our planet. It was through Laura that I had the privilege of meeting with Tom, a member of the Muscogee Nation, and visited his home in North Georgia. Since that first meeting, I have participated in several ceremonies and have come to know Tom, and his wife Sonya, and their important work.

I was drawn to Tom’s wisdom and the idea to ask for this interview through my work in sustainability and social consciousness. What I find so inspiring about Tom’s words are that they remind me of what we already know – that our planet Earth is Mother and she is our only home. She provides us with life and all of the resources we need to live and prosper. And when we remember this, we will never consider polluting our mother’s rivers, mountains or air. We will stop robbing her all of the natural, yet non-renewable, resources for our own human needs without regard for the rest of life on this planet.

In our conversation, Tom reminds us that all humans maintain a spectrum of qualities and skills which make up the human experience – both male and female. We should not limit our experience of living and leading to the characteristics which are presumed to belong to our given gender, but rather fully express ourselves the way God or Spirit created us by balancing both the male and female in us all.

Women are the keeper of wisdom and truth. If you want to know the “real story,” Tom says, you ask the women. This statement reminds me of Biomimicry, the study of natural behaviors for use in modern technologies or innovations. If we look to Nature, she will provide us with the answers and thus the truth. And if these truths were indeed incorporated into leadership today, I believe our organizations and corporations would find it to be world-changing. You can visit Tom’s website and learn more about his work – EarthKeepers.Net.

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  • Barbara Pyle

    Tom Blue Wolf is wonderful!!!
    Barbara Pyle

  • He is indeed Barbara. Thank you for following the site and the interviews. We are honored to have you on board as a Women Are Saving The World Champion.

  • Thank you for this gentle, loving perspective. We are blessed to have Tom with us. As I voiced at our recent Horse*Man Weekend, for the first time in my life, I felt a place with men- the place of being genuinely honored. The feeling is still strong with me as I carry it through my days. I brought my prayer to our lodge on that auspicious day, that all women know this feeling for I believe in that our balance will be restored. I commit to do my part to support that prayer every day. Thank you for helping me do so through your love and support of us all.

    Lisa Dee

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