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24 Apr 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

In my life, I have found my deepest courage comes with the freedom of speaking my truth. I would imagine Carolyn LeCroy could say the same thing. This CNN Hero so inspired me when she emailed me last month following the launch of this site. Her story blew me away. When I think of women saving the world, my mind immediately goes to women like Dr. Wangari Maathai and her Green Belt Movement in Kenya or even to my previous post on the amazing Marie Da Silva and the AIDs orphans she is helping in Malawi. I think of Eve Ensler and her work in the Congo or the work of the Nike and NoVO Foundations with their Girl Effect. The direction of this website to date supports that perspective.

So when I read Carolyn’s story, I was moved to think out side of my own bias that “saving the world” means going somewhere outside of our own backyard. Of course I was aware that we have issues in the USA. We all know that now better than ever since over the past year and a half. But saving the world? Could it start here? Could it be that until we save ourselves, we are not prepared to help others?

In the following three videos, Carolyn LeCroy speaks about her life’s mission to heal the relationships of mothers in the prison system and their children who have been left behind as innocent victims of circumstance. Carolyn knows this first-hand as she spent 14 months in prison for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

While in prison, she observed the mothers who were unable to see their children due to individual reasons surrounding their incarceration. Most of these families had painful stories. Carolyn made it her mission, once released, to get these mothers to video their apologies and amends to their kids – thus beginning the healing and stopping a cycle of crime. I learned from her that children of incarcerated parents are 7 times more likely to be involved with the prison system in their own lives.

Healing lives and families is a tremendous gift that Carloyn LeCroy is giving to many mothers. Her program, The Message Project, in in several states now and she is anxious to expand as far as funding and partners will take her. In my opinion, this program belongs in every state in our country and if developed could lead to great healing across the globe where parents and children are separated or relationships are severed.

If you would like to contact Carolyn about her work, please reach out to her. She is a warm and enthusiastic woman whom I know would embrace your support. Thank you Carolyn for your deep commitment to and passion for your work. You are indeed helping to heal and save our world.




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  • Carmen

    I am so proud of Carolyn, she is the most disinterested, loving, caring and unselfish person I have ever met. She is very passionate about everything she does. Her life experiences have been her biggest inspiration to help the unfortunate ones. I feel priviledge to be her friend. Good luck Carol. Love you.

  • Brianna Bates

    This is so wonderful. We are all so proud of Carolyn's accomplishments and all that she does to help others!

  • deritola

    Yes, Lewis, I believe that saving the world does start in our personal relationships. It is through the power of our relationships that we see the need for change both within and outside of ourselves. Thank you so much for highlighting Carolyn! Her work is amazing and transformative. Each step we take to heal any corner of our world brings the catalyst of change one step closer to the tipping point.

  • I could not agree more! Thank you for your post.

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