Discovering LOVE in 365 Days

18 Apr 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

I have heard it said that the only two fundamental emotions are fear and love. Many people believe that what we are witnessing in the world today (from economic to social & environmental issues ) is a result of all of the fear created by humans. Some go as far as to say the Earth’s climate changes are a result of that fear which drives us to deplete the Earth’s natural resources, raze our forests in the name of development and progress and pollute our oceans with plastic and other toxins.

It is fear which leads us to believe that in order for ME to win, YOU must lose. This same fear that tells me that there are a finite amount resources and it is my job to find and protect my own piece of the pie at the cost of others. It is fear that drove us into the ME generation. But perhaps it is the opposite of fear, which is love, that is bringing us into the WE generation.

So where is this love? One woman I know, Clare Evans, is on a 365 days journey into discovering love. Not necessarily romantic love, but rather all human and natural expressions of love. Clare, a native of the United Kingdom, has actually team up with her friend Maggie to “embark on a journey of discovering all things they love in the world as well as of self.”

Whether it is music, nature, flea markets or even a pilates class, these two women are pointing out to me that LOVE is everywhere and expressions of freedom and gratitude can be found in the most honest and simple places. I encourage you to follow their blog as they journey into the year. They are currently on day 61 and I, for one, can’t wait to see what their path uncovers. It is sure to inspire.

Just imagine that if we all cleared our heads and hearts and began to look for the love in everything, what would happen to fear? And without fear, how would you live differently?

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