Anisa Telwar, Conscious Capitalism in the Cosmetic Industry

10 Apr 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

I have known Anisa Telwar, founder & CEO of Anisa International, for several years now. We began as friends and now I am assisting her company with their sustainability initiatives. As I launched WSWnow a month ago, Anisa has been an avid supporter and we have had several conversations about the role of women in the world. As more and more women enter the world economy as CEO’s of global companies, such as Anisa International (manufacturer of cosmetic tools), I believe she is part of a group of women who will continue to serve as a role models. Giving back has always been built into her business model. And she is very focused on creating products which are responsible, healthy and sustainable, not only in the consumers hands, but along the entire production and supply chain. Conscious Capitalism is a second skin for Anisa Telwar.

I was excited to sit down with Anisa this week and discuss how being a women has played into her role as founder and CEO. Interestingly, she is a women leader in an industry which was dominated by men, who make products for women. Sort that one out!

Below are two videos from one of our conversations this week. I view Anisa as a “Women Saving the World” by affecting change in an industry which creates products for women, marketed to women, used by women and who employs almost all women (in the USA and China). Her new CFO/ COO is a man so she is certainly not exclusive. Anisa also understands the balance of the masculine and the feminine needed in business and in the world. She speaks on that in video #2. This is an important topic emerging in my talks over the past month. Thank you Anisa! Your strong heart and mind continue to inspire me.

VIDEO 1: CEO & Founder of Anisa International on Women

Video 2: Anisa On The Masculine & The Feminine


  • saran2ray

    She is a remarkable lady! I thank her for opportunities she provided me in my life and growth. May God bless her and all the she puts her hands to.

  • Leslie

    great interview with a very cool lady

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