The Anima & The Animus

8 Apr 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

My new friend Randy Siegel reminded me of the anima and animus in Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology. Randy works with companies to communicate in a way that better utilizes both perspectives. The anima and animus are both part of our collective unconscious. The anima represents our inner feminine personality while the animus represents the inner masculine. As you explore each of these sides of the human psyche, you see levels which represent distinct development characteristics. In the amina, they are eve (beauty), helen (insight), mary (virtue), sophia (wisdom) and in the animus they are the athlete, planner, professor and guide. I present this as a framework because I have been thinking we need different language besides masculine and feminine to relate to the various skills and qualities possessed by both women and men. I am sure many of you know much more about this than I do and I would love to hear you feedback.

As an aside, be patient as I upload several new video interviews. It was a productive week and I am excited to share conversations with John Marshall Roberts, Tom Feegel, Anisa Telwar, Brenda Isaac and Marie Da Silva. Stay tuned as I will be busy editing this weekend. And a continued thanks to all of the supporters of the site from these early days. Also thank you for getting our Facebook group WOMEN ARE SAVING THE WORLD NOW to over 500 in less than two weeks. Lewis

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