Embracing the Feminine with John Marshall Roberts: Video 1

4 Apr 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

I first met John Marshall Roberts at the Sustainable Brands International conference in Miami in 2008. I attended his workshop called Igniting Inspiration (also the title of his book). I was so intrigued and moved by the concepts Roberts presented in his World View model, that said when we authentically communicate at the spiritual level, we are able to move individuals to action. I learned from John all about the Clare W. Graves, mid-20th century psychologist, and the subsequent work of Don Beck and Ken Wilbur called Spiral Dynamics. I could write an entire post on this theme alone and the how the eight color coded levels apply to human evolution and thinking. However, you can read John’s book for that.

What I found so intriguing about Roberts was his keen insight as to how this work, which had been out in the world for over half a century, could be utilized to transform our world. In fact, Nelson Mandela used Graves’ work to end Apartheid. He understood that the many audiences he must reach with a different set of needs and perspectives – Afrikaans, British Colonials, Tribal Leaders, etc…

Since Miami, Roberts and I have worked together in various capacities. It was John’s encouragement which lead me to create the WSWNow Project – as he listened to me discuss my passion for the work of women on the planet today – just six weeks ago. I will be launching several videos on our recent conversation about women, the feminine psyche and how our leaders will benefit from tapping into greater levels of this skill set. And it is not just our leaders, it is all of us – as everyone one of us who is alive today is called to do the work.

Thank you John for your time and your encouragement of this topic.

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