I Know The Truth

31 Mar 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

From David Whyte:

You’ll often hear the masculine psyche say I know the truth
but 8 out of 10 times it can just mean that the fellow is stuck.
The man has felt this all his life and refused to change his mind

There is something about the way that the feminine psyche involves itself in the
world in an incredibly vulnerable way
and so for that psyche to actually come the the frontier where she can say in
absolute and complete and utter confidence ,

I know the truth!

then you sit up and listen.

I KNOW the truth.

Forget all other truths

No need for anyone on this earth to struggle.

Look it is evening
Look it is nearly night
What will you say
What will you say
Poets, lovers, generals, the wind is level now
the air is wet with dew
the storm of stars in the sky will turn to quiet and soon
all of us , all of us will sleep beneath the earth
we, we who never let each other sleep above it

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  • Thank you Remy for your comment. Yes, I believe it is important that in all of this dialogue that we remember balance and use of the best possible parts of self as we move humanity to the next level is important. The masculine is an honored role in innovation, leadership and growth. Smart growth which understands the holistic and world view of our work as a humankind is where we bring in the skill traditionally called feminine. Perhaps? What do do others believe?

  • Did you ever see the TV show Legend of the Seeker? There is a character in that show called the mother confessor. She has the power to confess any man, who will then become subservient to her for the rest of his life. Just a cautionary tale...

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