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31 Mar 2010 by Lewis, View Comments

Since my March 23 post on “Three Dot Dash” I have been connected to Nancy Hunt of the We Are Family Foundation. They have just concluded another Three Dot Dash Peace Summit and so I was honored to catch Nancy on the phone last night. I want to use today’s post to help Nancy with a very important CALL TO ACTION. Please read her email she sent to her girlfriends on Monday.


Subject: Nancy here…Girl Power Needed Now!

Hello to all my girlfriends!

We just finished a very successful Three Dot Dash 2010 Just Peace Summit with 26 Global Teen Leaders from 14 countries and 4 continents.  They are each extraordinary people changing the world every day with their work. (

One of our GTLs, Mitchel, a young 18 year old girl from Nigeria is in need of our help.  She is fighting the tradition of girl/man arranged marriages in her community – and has been successful in changing the fate of many 12 year old girls. See her bio from our website below:

Mitchel, 18, Nigeria


AGENDA (African Girl-Child Education Nurturing and Developing Action)

When Mitchel was born she was automatically betrothed to a complete stranger.  “Unfortunately, that’s how it is in my community.”  Tradition states that a man from the community claims his future bride by giving the baby’s family her bride price, leaving and returning twelve years later to take his wife home.  As a result, many young girls die during childbirth due to their bodies being physically unready for such a taxing ordeal.  The pre-teens who are lucky enough to survive the birthing process usually develop a condition known as VVF, or vesicovaginal fistula, a malady that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vaginal vault.  As her 12th birthday approached Mitchel became more and more determined to make sure that what happened to all of the girls she knew, including her cousins, did not happen to her.  Enter “AGENDA” (African Girl-Child Education Nurturing and Developing Action), a project which she created to assist herself and the countless others in her position.  By organizing road walks, rallies, seminars and community outreach programs, Mitchelle and her peers attempt to empower young girls and help them find their voices in society.  Since its inception two years ago, AGENDA has spread into 11 communities in two Nigerian states and influenced close to 23,000 girls.  Moreover, because of Mitchelle’s tireless advocacy the local government honored her petition and has put a stay on these types of arranged marriages pending a bill that will be voted upon.  “I believe a big change can occur in the world when girls are empowered.  A girl can just become the next Obama.  She may save the world in one area or another.  When girls are empowered, the world will be more peaceful.” 
Mitchel is now 18 and going to University in Nigeria – she is determined to become a diplomat for her country.  Her father has been layed off and is no longer in a position to fund her tuition of $3,000.  

In the name of “girl power” I would like to help her with her education – but do it with the help of my girlfriends. So, I am looking for 30 of us to donate $100 toward her tuition.  If you are interested in helping – please email me and I’ll give you the details.

Thanks so much for listening –  I am hopeful that we can help this extraordinary girl with the power of girls on the other side of the planet.  Please pass this along to your girlfriends too!


Nancy Hunt
We Are Family Foundation  |

t 212.397.4333 | f 212.397.4338 
twitter me: @nancyhunt | WAFF: @wearefamilyfdtn


I have included Nancy’s email information nd phone because she asked that I connect ANYONE with her directly to make a gift via the We Are Family Foundation. According to Nancy, as of last night she had raised $1700. I am sure the other $1300 will come quickly. If you feel compelled to act, please contact Nancy at

Link to Mitchelle’s Bio page:

Link to CNN International interview:

I look forward to sharing more stories of powerful young women from Nancy.

  • THANK YOU DIANNE... we have our first GIFT! Lewis

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