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4 Apr

Sreeratna Kancherla, IDEX Fellowship

I am so happy to introduce you all to Sreeratna Kancherla and the work of IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise

24 Mar

What’s Next on WSWNow

Stay tuned this month as I provide some exciting new interviews on global education of women and girls and a

28 Feb

Darcy Winslow – From Nike to the World

Last Fall, I had the benefit of speaking with Darcy Winslow, the former head of Nike’s Global Women Brand and

27 Jan

Peter Buffett – Musician and Philanthropist

Today I was pleased to speak with musician and philanthropist, Peter Buffett, about the work he and his wife Jennifer

11 Jan

Barbara Marx Hubbard on The Evolutionary Female

Happy New Year to you all. It is great to be back online posting today’s interview with Barbara

28 Oct

Carole Hart – A Legend in Bringing Wisdom and Learning to Children and Adults

I originally set out to interview Carole Hart because of her important work, documenting the gatherings of the 13 Indigenious

28 Sep

The Heart to Lead: A Discussion With The Filmmakers

Several weeks ago, my friend Pete Krull emailed me to tell me about a group of women he had met

28 Aug

Hital Muraj – a Woman Inspired to Create Better Lives for Youth in Kenya

At a recent event I attended in Atlanta, Usher Raymond & his New Look Foundation was honoring President Bill Clinton

10 Aug

Rob Kramer of PopRule and Global Water Trust Speaks on the Global Role of Women

When I think of women saving the world, I also think of the sons, brothers and fathers who love and

22 Jul

Robyn O’Brien: Following A Calling to Help Our Children

If I was to describe Robyn O’Brien in one word, it would be passionate. Passionate for her calling,

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